So now we do know what to do for traumatised and angry ex servicemen and women

Wow I’ve been drawn straight back into blogging again (apologies for the long overdue absence) when I saw this article headline:

Military PTSD Treatment Success Rate of 83 Per Cent for Trauma

UK charity PTSD Resolution has a better than 83 per cent success rate in resolving trauma for 150 UK veterans of the armed services treated, according to a recent study(1). 

Military PTSD Treatment Success Rate of 83 Per Cent for Trauma

I didn’t know until I attended a conference on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for traumatised armed forces, how these brave people get treated when they return home from their active duties in Afghanistan or Bosnia, often struggling to deal with Flashbacks, Nightmares and Depression.                                                                                                            Remember that often they’re angry, even violent, and have issues of alcoholism or drug abuse.   Well, let’s face it, nobody knew what to do for them.  Neither their families nor the public nor indeed the courts show much understanding.  Around 20,000 ex-servicemen are either in jail or on probation.

Did you know over 300Falklandsveterans have committed suicide? That’s more than were killed in the original Falklands fighting back in 1982!

Now we do know what we can do for these people.  A new trauma treatment through registered charity Resolution therapists, (See is available for them for FREE.  It’s a treatment that is:-

1. Effective    2. Fast   3. Not in itself traumatic   4. Preserves confidentiality as even the therapist doesn’t need to hear sensitive details, ideal for the necessarily secretive forces.

See the full article here:,c9153542

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